black pride restoration and uplifting cultural festival

The 5th Annual Saint LAAA FaB celebrates African American History and Cuture and invite diverse people throughout the Saint Louis Region to join the celebration

The Saint Louis African American Artifacts Festival and Bazaar (Saint LAAA FaB) is a one day family oriented event, celebrating the rich history and culture of people of African descent. The festival will be held on August 18, 2018, Crown Square Plaza at 14th Street and Saint Louis Avenue(63106), in Historic Old North Saint Louis. Diverse people throughout the Saint Louis Region will come together  in celebration. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide cultural exposure, education and information in order to cultivate awareness and appreciation of the significant contributions made to the world history and cultures by people of African descent.

Achieving our Mission

We aim to accomplish our mission by showcasing and sharing African American art, music, food, dance and literature with diverse people throughout the Saint Louis Region.

About the founder/ceo

How a Love for History and Culture Changed Robert Green's Life

 Collector Robert Green lived between ages 10 and 20 in Pruitt-Igoe, and he used to think that those were his formative years. Now he’s realizing that the real influence came earlier, when he’d hike downtown by himself from the North Side. He spent hours staring at huge murals in a high-ceilinged “art museum” (it was the Old Post Office) and poring over The History of West Africa at the library, which seemed like a history museum, bookstore, and art museum all in one...Click the link below to read more.

By Jeannette Cooperman, St.Louis Magazine

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